Meat, cheese … A bouquet of roses?

Greenwood Nursery owner Jeff Farber (left) and Food Pride owner Bruce Schelhaas are hoping their new partnership will benefit not only their respective businesses, but the community as well. Photo / Per Peterson

Tracy Food Pride teams with Greenwood Nursery to offer fresh floral arrangements

By Per Peterson

Tracy Food Pride recently purchased a number of coolers to allow it to expand and change the way it displays and offers its products. Now, those offerings include flowers.

A section of one of the new coolers includes freshly-cut flowers as part of a partnership with Greenwood Nursery.

“It could be a win-win for both of us,” Greenwood Nursery owner Jeff Farber said. “They have a lot more traffic than we do. He sees more people in one day than we see in two weeks at this time of year. So it’s a convenience thing for everyone.”

In the spring, Greenwood is open seven days a week, but they’re closed Sundays after Christmas, meaning if someone needs to get some last-minute flowers after business hours, they have an option, other than going to Marshall.

“We’re just trying it out,” Farber said. “The expectation is that it will grow to help both stores out — help his customers out on the convenience side, help us out in selling more flowers, creating more of a visibility for it. When the signage is done, it will show that they can get other things at the store.”

The flowers are rotated every two to three days to ensure their freshness. Farber has always stressed freshness at Greenwood Nursery, so maintaining the arrangements at Food Pride is a top priority. Like Tracy Food Pride owner Bruce Schelhaas wants his food to be fresh, so too does Farber with his flowers.

“Terri (Welvaert) comes out (to Food Pride) to change the flowers out, because they need to be re-cut, water has to be added or drained,” Farber said. “She gets a few bouquets ready, brings them out or switches them out. If some are here over the weekend, Monday she will come out and take out what’s left. That way you always have fresh flowers.”

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