O’Brien sale imminent, but status quo sought

By Per Peterson

A new future awaits O’Brien Court, but that doesn’t mean everything will change there.

A public hearing will take place on Jan. 27, concerning the sale of the Sanford-run and Tracy Economic Development Authority-owned housing facility; the city council must give the EDA the go-ahead to sell the building.

While the sale of the building has been in the works for some years, there has not been a purchase agreement drawn up as of yet. There is a potential buyer who is working with the EDA and Sanford.

“Probably for two years we’ve talked about this,” EDA Director Jeff Carpenter said. “Sanford has been awesome to work with.”

The EDA currently has a lease agreement with Sanford for O’Brien Court.

“Sanford knows (the EDA) has been wanting to get out of the real estate business, and they want what’s best for the community,” Carpenter said. “So we’re working our way through the lease agreement right now.”

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