Will breakfast continue to be served at MPC? Council hopes so

By Per Peterson

The Tracy City Council on Monday discussed the future of the breakfast program at the Multi-Purpose Center.

Interim City Administrator Shane Daniels told council members that the City is losing about $800 a year on the popular program.

“I hate to lose it,” council member Jeri Schons said. “I think a lot of people use it.”

There is a need for a new cook, and Daniels said he has heard from someone who is interested in the position.

“If there’s someone interested and we haven’t even advertised yet, I’d like to see it move forward,” Schons said.

Daniels said the intent of those behind the program was to keep it going until another viable breakfast option for residents came about.

“There’s noting yet, so I wanted to see what your thoughts were on this,” he said.

There is no longer a board that oversees the program, but Schons said she has been approached about the possibility of having a committee formed to look out for the best interests of the program.

“They would meet and communicate with the administrator, kind of like the old board did,” she said. “We would have to look at how we form it, because I don’t want to get into any confusion as to who’s in control of what.”

Councilmember Tony Peterson said there was “a lot of power struggle” with the former board, which led to its elimination. If there’s three or four people that use it all the time and they want to get together, there’s nothing stopping them from doing that right now. It just wouldn’t be an official board.”

Any concerns, he said, could be brought either to Daniels or the council. Schons said that some people might not feel comfortable with that process, and that any group should have a spokesperson.

“If I don’t feel comfortable going to the city administrator, I can go to Citizen X, Y, Z and take it to them,” she said. “The person they need to go to now, because there isn’t a board, is Linda Thomas. That’s who they need to go to.”

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