Springfield’s Salonek low bid on high school job

By Tara Brandl

The District No. 2904 School Board on Monday moved forward with the next step of the secured office entry remodel at its regular board meeting.

Bids were on Thursday, Jan. 23. After review by MLA Architects and the building/grounds and health/safety committee, the board voted to award the base bid to Salonek Construction, Inc. of Springfield. The low base bid from Salonek Construction, Inc. was for $789,946. The board also awarded Salonek Construction, Inc. the alternate No. 2 bid for in floor heat in the vestibule for $3,600.

After discussion and opinion from the building/grounds and health/safety committee, the decision to add the canopy died due to lack of a motion, meaning there will be no canopy on the new entrance. The bid for the alternate No. 1 bid for the canopy was $66,049.

“(It’s) $66,000 and I’m not 100% sure how much it’s going to help,” board member Matt Surprenant said. “My only thought was, like (TAPS Supt.) Chad (Anderson) alluded to, was shorten the walk up there a little bit, it’s going to protect some from the rain, snow and ice and maybe make it easier for the grounds keepers to keep the sidewalk clear in that area. Granted, you’re still going to have the wind going through there and it’s going to be relatively high. But you’re still going to be outside and you’re still going to have the wind, so is it worth $66,000? Probably not.”

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