Special care in Milroy

Sophia Ellison, 2; Cora Snyder, 1 1/2; and Johanna Ernst, 5 months, pile on Amber Snyder’s lap for a little fun during daycare. Photo / Tara Brandl

Amber Snyder is filling a need in Milroy with her daycare services at the school

By Tara Brandl

On a typical Monday morning in any elementary school, it’s not uncommon to find children putting together puzzles. However, in one corner of the Milroy Public School, this puzzle time is a little different.

The children are putting puzzles together on the carpet area of a large room. The large room also has a nap area, a small kitchen area, and lots and lots of toys. But the children hard at work on the puzzles are not school age — they are part of Amber’s Daycare that operates in the school.

Amber Snyder opened her daycare in the Milroy school in late October 2019.

“I’m the third daycare provider to be in this room, but I feel like it’s been different each time with a different person in here,” Snyder said. “My daughter Cora used to go to the daycare in here and that helped a lot, having an idea of how she (the previous provider) did things in here.”

Snyder doesn’t have a background in daycare, but she said that the lack of services in the area is something that she has just recently noticed. And she wanted to be a part of the solution and help other moms in the process.

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