Dept. of Health slams Almlie with $60K fine

Former Tracy funeral director charged with misappropriation of  funds, loses license

A former Tracy funeral home director has been ordered to pay $60,000 in civil penalties after being charged with violating Minnesota Statutes that govern the practice of mortuary science.

According to court documents made public last week, Steven Almlie received $79,521.87 for 14 pre-paid burial accounts for which he did not carry an associated trust account, nor did he submit documents to an insurance company or create a valid trust account for the funds — a violation of Minnesota Statutes.

The Minnesota Department of Health also found that Almlie failed to submit annual reports for the pre-paid funds as required by Minnesota statutes.

Through its investigation, the MDH, which regulates funeral homes around the state, found that Almlie in late 2014 entered into an agreement to make payments to reimburse the pre-need account funds he misappropriated and to reimburse the new owners for the cost of resolving the incomplete contracted work. The following year, the MDH issued Almlie an Administrative Penalty Order based on his failure to comply with multiple sections of Chapter 149A; the department then issued him to pay a non-forgivable administrative penalty in the amount of $140,000 for his violations.

The original civil penalty of $140,000 was reduced to $60,000; Almlie must pay the MDH $250 per month until the debt is satisfied. By court order, Almlie’s mortician license has been revoked and will not be reinstated.

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