More stories to tell

DICK DONALDSON (left) is one of the latest veterans to be interviewed by Gary Kass, who works to tell area veterans’ stories. Photo / Per Peterson

Gary Kass continues to honor veterans —and their families — by getting their stories on the record

By Per Peterson

Gary Kass will never profess to being some kind of noteworthy scribe. But he’s not letting that stop him from putting some very important history on paper.

Kass, who last year published a book titled “Eight Who Served” — a compilation of eight area veterans who served in the Korean War — has picked up where he left off and is doing more interviews of local war veterans.

Last Thursday, Kass, who suffers from retinitis pigmatosa — a heredity disease Kass has learned to live with, but one that adds a layer of difficulty to his projects — paid a visit to World War II veteran Dick Donaldson, to take some photos that will accompany his story. The two shared some stories and also share a respect for one another. And for Kass, it’s a respect that he carries for all who have served.

“It’s amazing what I have learned talking to all these veterans, and I’ve also found out that people are interested in their stories,” Kass said. “I’m actually getting a following — not for what I’m writing, but for what I’m presenting, because these stories impact a lot of people. There’s the servicemen, but then there’s the families, the wives, nephews, nieces, cousins, friends.”

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