Kids cooked up a storm in Milroy

Ava Lightfoot, Aria Coil and Ady Brey work together on a recipe in a recent cooking class at Milroy Public School. Photo / Tara Brandl

By Tara Brandl

Cooking class put young ones in the kitchen to learn some culinary skills

The recent changes in the world and schools have resulted in kids being home every day and many parents looking for ideas on what to cook and how to keep their kids involved. A group of students from Milroy Public School already have a head start in the kitchen thanks to a cooking class led by Kacie Schaefer.

The cooking class might have been cut short due to the closing of schools, but the students in the class already have some much needed skills.

The group of eight kids gathered around the work island in the school kitchen a couple weeks ago to review the menu for that day planned by Schaefer. The first rule of the kitchen was looking over the menu and the recipes to determine the order tasks should be completed.

“We go through the recipe first and we see that sometimes we have to multitask when you are in the kitchen,” Schaefer said. “When you’re making a dessert, you start out maybe with your main meal and then while that is cooking you make your dessert. You have to learn to look at the recipes and learn that part of cooking. One day, we saw that we had to preheat the oven for the main meal, but then we went on to the dessert because that needed time to chill, so while it was chilling we could make the dinner.”

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