Mo’ life for a currie landmark

This photo shows a thriving drug store in the building in the early 1900s.
RAMONA LINDBERG has opened her new consignment business in an iconic building in downtown Currie.
Photo / Per Peterson

Ramona Lindberg is excited about her new store in an old downtown Currie building

To some, there’s nothing better than a blank canvas. So many possibilities. So many options. So much future.

And Ramona Lindberg has proven she knows exactly what to do with one — even if that canvas is 135 years old.

“Even when I walked in, and it stunk like mold, and it was freezing cold, it was … such a blank canvas — I thought it could be anything,” Lindberg said of the majestic, brick building at the intersection of First and Mill streets in Currie where last Friday she opened her new store, Mo’ Than Antiques. “You either do something with these old buildings, or they’re going to continue to deteriorate and die. This is just a shining gem.”

Lindberg, a 1984 graduate of Tracy Area High School, hopes her new business will be a success, not only for personal reasons, but to infuse a shot of energy into downtown Currie.

“I’ve been thinking about opening an antique shop since my divorce in 2016,” said Lindberg, who was able to purchase her new building outright after selling her four bedroom, three-bath home on Lake Shetek last fall. “I had this idea of opening a store for local vendors for many years. One day I drove through and saw it’s for sale again and thought, ‘I can do that.’”

That was this January. Fast forward to today, and one wouldn’t believe the transformation that has taken place, thanks to Lindberg and her family who have been working day after day to give the old building not just a new life filled with warmth and personality, but a real future.

“It was probably New Year’s Day that I sent a text to the realtor, and we closed on the 31st of January,” Lindberg said.

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