They got their kicks (and more) on Route 66

Muriel and John Coulter pause for a photo under a sign in Illinois that signals the start of the Route 66 jaunt from Chicago to Santa Monica. The Coulters actually traveled from Santa Monica to Chicago — a total of 2,465.1 miles — after starting their summer vacation with family in California.
Submitted photo

John and Muriel Coulter have returned from their trip back in time: a 2,456.1-mile sojourn along the historic Route 66

By Per Peterson

So, the real question is: What about those golden retrievers?

John and Muriel Coulter, proud owners of three beloved goldens, returned Saturday, June 27, from a three-week sojourn on the famous Route 66. Check that, John and Muriel — and their three dogs — returned from a three-week sojourn on the famous Route 66.

With soon-to-be-16-year-old Honker, 9-year-old Max and 6-year-old Jack tucked away comfortably in the back seat of the Coulter’s extended cab Chevy pick-up, the Coulters in early June left Tracy for Santa Monica, CA, for a 10-day family visit, en route to a 2,456.1-mile sojourn from there to Chicago along what was known as the “Mother Road” of the original highways before being rendered obsolete by the interstate highway system.

“Honker is going to die anytime soon, and I’m not gonna let that dog die without me being there — that’s why she had to come along,” John said. “On a three-week vacation, if she’s dying, I’m not gonna be there. We stayed 13 nights in motels, and all 13 motels were Motel 6, because they take dogs.”

Muriel said the leg of their trip after Santa Monica — from West Hollywood to Cucamonga — took 4 1/2 hours because of all the twists and turns in California.

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