From Stage to Screen

If you want to watch the Sept. 6 Miss Tracy Scholarship Program participants do their thing on stage this year, you’ll need one of these devices to do it, as COVID-19 will prevent the public from watching in person. With the program going virtual, the public will need techie toys like these to follow the event. This year’s contestants — front, from left, Theresa Przybilla, Jenna Spanovich, Rachel Przybilla, Kylie Hensch; back, from left: Megan Surprenant, Kathy Vang, Lauren Verlinde, Kelli James, Madysen Swan — surely know all about technology, as they show off some of the devices that can be used to follow this year’s program online. Photo / Per Peterson

Every Miss Tracy program is unique, but none will compare to this year’s, as only the contestants’ parents will be allowed to watch in person

By Per Peterson

For years, Lauren Verlinde has planned on having her extended family in the Tracy Area High School gym to watch her perform in the Miss Tracy Scholarship Program. Unfortunately for Verlinde and the other eight contestants this year, only a select few will be allowed to watch in person.

Because of COVID-19, the audience at this year’s Tracy Chamber-sponsored program will be limited to parents, volunteer directors, the lightning and sound crew and judges.

“I wish my whole extended family could watch it,” Verlinde said. “But everything is different this year. I just try to keep my head up and come up with new ways my family can still watch and experience the excitement of Miss Tracy.”

That’s the kind of attitude that all of this year’s participants are taking on. They are adapting to a new, unprecedented situation, that while very much less than ideal has become their reality.

“It’s understandably disappointing to not have a crowd for our show,” said Jenna Spanovich. “But I am glad that our safety is being considered, and our Miss Tracy program will be one that no one forgets.”

The overall feeling of the girls not having a traditional program might be disappointment, but they have adopted a resilient attitude and have been able to stay positive.

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