‘Finding the best in it’

NATHAN FULTZ and KATHY VANG were crowned Tracy Area High School’s 2020 Homecoming King and Queen on Friday. Photo / Per Peterson

This year’s TAHS Homecoming was like no other, but everyone involved made the most of a bad situation

By Per Peterson

As much as Tracy Area High School would’ve liked to hold a traditional homecoming this year, that tradition, like so many others since spring, was altered.

While there was a streamed coronation on Friday, plenty of homecoming staples were lost this year. There was no pep fest. There were no pep band trumpeters trumpeting or drummers drumming. And as far as the football game was concerned, well, it’s not as if everyone could attend, thanks to state COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

In short, it was just different.

TAHS senior Macey Kruger was looking forward to watching her younger brother, Blake, take the field with the Panther football team Friday. She has watched most of his games in person, going all the way back to his Cubs days and he dressed for  the Panthers’ season opener — which happened to be the Homecoming game. This time, however, she couldn’t even attend to cheer the Panther sophomore on.

“He got two vouchers, but those went to my parents — they should be able to watch their son play, but that means they have to leave us at home,” said Kruger. “Listening on the radio is not the same thing. I went to every single one of his football games growing up … and who knows if I’ll be able to go next year when I go to college.”

Student council member Logan Burns said it’s been tough trying to plan out anything for the student body.

“We think we can do this, but then it gets shot down … it’s crazy,” he said.

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