The American Flag: It’s a matter of respect

As Tracy American Legion Auxiliary President Jane Wahl speaks about the 12 folds of the American Flag, St. Mary’s School students Weston Marten and Melaina Anrkum carefully fold a flag during the school’s Veterans’ Day assembly last Wednesday. Photos / Per Peterson

St. Mary’s School students get an important lesson about the American Flag on Veterans’ Day

By Per Peterson

An inquisitive bunch of St. Mary’s School students learned all they need to know about the American Flag during a Veterans’ Day assembly last Wednesday.

In honor of the patriotic holiday, Tracy American Legion Auxiliary President Jane Wahl, decked out in red-white-and-blue, paid the students a visit and taught them about the importance of respecting the flag and even about what each of the 12 folds of the flag mean.

“I want you to go home and remember what the American Flag symbolizes,” Wahl said. “It’s freedom. It’s the freedom and the things we can do. We don’t all understand the freedoms that we have gained from having our troops in the service. They have done many things for us.”

Wahl said the flag represents everything that is great about America, especially freedom.

“We have religious freedom, we have freedom to vote, we have freedom to meet here like this, and some countries can’t do this,” she said. “We have a lot of freedoms we should be thankful for, and that’s what the flag represents. Don’t ever forget that, and always respect our flag.”

Wahl also told the kids that it’s never OK to burn the American Flag just to get rid of it. She said worn-out flags are disposed of at special flag burning ceremonies held by American Legion clubs.

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