Life on the Mat

Cami Snobl, Tracy Area High School Class of 1991, is an official with the Minnesota State High School League, as she has continued her love affair with the sport of wrestling in Minnesota. She is shown here in Tracy officiating a youth wrestling tournament earlier this yaer. Upper right: Snobl (left) was a cheerleader for the wrestling team “back in the day.” Photo / Per Peterson

Catching up with … 1991 TAHS graduate Cami Snobl

By Per Peterson

Cami Snobl uses the word “brotherhood” to describe wrestling in Minnesota. Clearly, girls are allowed in this fraternity.

Over the years, girls — from grade-schoolers to high school seniors — have become more involved in wrestling, shattering any glass ceiling that may have existed before them. That makes Snobl overly proud, since wrestling has meant everything to her and has   so since she was young.

“My love of wrestling started when I was in elementary school,” said Snobl, who is now a wrestling referee and an assignment secretary with the Southern Minnesota Wrestling Official’s Association. “I actually did start wrestling when I was in elementary school. My brothers were into wrestling, and the DeVetter boys actually were the ones who said, ‘Hey, why don’t you sneak out here and get on the mat, too.”

DeVetter is certainly one name synonymous with wrestling in Tracy, as are Campbell, Knott, Trulock, Johnson and Axford. Snobl is right up there, as well, with Scott wrestling here in the 1980s, as well as younger brother, Greg, before open enrolling to Canby.

Snobl, a 1991 Tracy Area High School graduate, started her officiating career with freestyle and Greco back when she was a freshman in high school and worked in that capacity for four years.

“We had a van full of wrestlers

that went and enjoyed every part of it,” she said. “Since I was in the wrestling room all the time anyway because I was managing our freestyle team in the spring, I decided, ‘You know what? I’ll get out there, too.’”

Snobl managed the Tracy Area High School wrestling team and was also a cheerleader, back when wrestling had cheerleaders. She said she simply loved being around the sport, and can never get enough of it, in whatever capacity needed.

“I loved cheering and the gals that I was with, but I knew that I needed more,” she said. “That’s why I started managing and got the blessing of being part of our teams for the rest of my high school career.”

Family. Wrestling. It’s gone hand-in-hand for Snobl her whole life.

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