Marissa’s moment

BPA, Speech, FFA — TAHS JUNIOR Marissa Johnson has plenty to smile about and be proud of this spring. Photo / Per Peterson

TAHS junior Marissa Johnson isn’t just keeping busy this spring, she’s excelling and has earned her way to national FFA status

By Per Peterson

State speech. BPA Nationals. FFA Nationals. Marissa Johnson is not only busy this spring, she’s separating herself from many packs.

Johnson, a junior at Tracy Area High School, recently qualified for National FFA competition. Aside from that, she accomplished the same feat as a member of Business Professionals of America, and took part in the state speech tournament this past weekend as well.

“Busy week,” Johnson said. “It’s a lot right now. Everything I’m in, it all comes to an end at this time of the year, at the same time, so it is a little crazy, but luckily my parents are super supportive of everything I do. And Kaylee (Campbell), my best friend, we support each other through everything. And everyone at my job is super flexible and proud of me, too.”

Johnson’s trip to FFA Nationals is her first. She took first place at state in her Leadership Development Event, Prepared Public Speaking. In that category, participants are charged with writing a 6- to 8-minute speech on anything agriculture-related.

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