Public outreach goal of Comprehensive Planning Committee

Tracy Fire Chief and Comprehensive Planning Committee member Dale Johnson III makes a point during last Wednesday’s meeting. Photo / Per Peterson

The first week of the City of Tracy’s Comprehensive Plan Survey garnered 140 responses, or 6% of Tracy’s population. But that’s nothing more than a starting point to the newly-formed Comprehensive Planning Committee, which on Wednesday made a plan to saturate the city — and the surrounding area — to get a better grasp of what people are looking for in Tracy.

The committee, which is represented by people from the schools, museum, fire department, business and the senior community, met for the second time last week to go over the first week’s survey results and figure out ways to cast the widest net possible in an effort to get as many people involved in the survey as possible. The goal of the committee is to get an idea of what people want to see in the future for the city.

Rosemary Bruce-White from the Southwest Regional Development Commission informed the committee that of the first 140 responders, 76% were Tracy residents, and 65% of those have lived in Tracy for more than a decade. Eighteen of the 33 out-of-town respondents have considered living in Tracy.

“The most noted obstacle preventing them from living in Tracy is lack of amenities,” Bruce-White said. “That is something that can change as we get more responses in.”

Bruce-White said, judging from the first week of responses, the committee needs to focus on the under-24 age group, and the 65-and-over age group. The City will have paper surveys on-hand for those who don’t have access to a computer or who aren’t comfortable offering their opinions online.

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