Odd-even water mandate in Tracy begins Aug. 1

By Per Peterson

Just three years after flood waters inundated Tracy, the City is asking residents to curb their water usage because of drought-like conditions.

Tracy Public Works Director Shane Daniels informed the Tracy City Council on Monday that because Minnesota is in a drought warning phase, the City has to implement its water supply demand reduction measures. This brings into play a City ordinance that allows the mayor, by proclamation, to require limited use of water by consumers. Daniels suggested the City implement an odd-even watering system like other towns have done. Homeowners who have odd-numbered addresses would be able to water on odd-numbered days, and those with even-numbered addresses can water on even-numbered days.

Mayor Pam Cooreman asked if going to an odd-even system would make that much of a difference.

“It would help; it wouldn’t reach that peak demand,” Daniels said. “It should cut it in half (compared to) if everyone waters every day. I’m not seeing a lot of watering going on right now.”

Other recommendations, Daniels said, would be to refrain from car washing, filling swimming pools and power washing of buildings.

“I think lawn irrigation is the biggest one right now around town,” said Daniels. “My recommendation would be go odd-even.”

Cooreman was to sign the water reduction proclamation Tuesday, and the plan will go into effect Sunday, Aug. 1.

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