A subtle impact

BEDS AT SANFORD TRACY are far more than just beds, as new headwalls have been installed this year that not only look nice, but serve a very meaningful purpose. Photo / Per Peterson

New headwalls at Sanford part of improved patient care

By Per Peterson

There have been myriad improvements at Sanford Tracy in the last few years.

Some are very noticeable, like the additional emergency room. Others, you probably won’t notice, even though they have a tremendous impact on patient care.

They’re called headwalls, but they’re more than your typical headboard you’ll find on a traditional bed. The headwall project was about four years in the making, said Sanford Tracy CEO Stacy Barstad. The old ones date back to the opening of the hospital in 1961.

“The oxygen, the electrical outlets, and the lights, they just didn’t work anymore for us,” Barstad said. “We needed more updated headwalls with all the new equipment that we had. It definitely needed to be updated.”

The new headwalls are standardized to meet specifications of Sanford as a whole, Barstad said.

“We had a great donation from the (hospital) foundation to help pay for a few of the headwalls,” said Barstad. These headwalls make the rooms look so much more modern and brings all of our med gasses all up to code and brings everything right to the fingertips of our nursing staff and providers.”

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