BCD greets new Tracy businesses

A LABOR DAY FARMERS’ MARKET put an exclamation mark on opening weekend at Cinnamon Hen on the highway. Photos / Per Peterson

By Per Peterson

Welcome to Tracy, Box Car Days style.

The Cinnamon Hen and Plaid Moose opened for business for the first time this past weekend, and their timing couldn’t have been better.

Both businesses enjoyed plenty of traffic all weekend long. Cinnamon Hen hosted a farmers’ market on Monday, in which more than a dozen vendors took part and The Plaid Moose, in the heart of downtown, enjoyed steady traffic after opening on Sept. 3.

“It was crazy busy,” said Plaid Moose owner Krista Beerman. “I didn’t know what to expect. I was hoping it would be busy.”

Beerman said every day at the Plaid Moose was a busy one, which was to be expected, given it was Box Car Days weekend. But there was also a sense of anticipation in Tracy, as residents waited patiently until its opening.

“It’s been great training for our employees — it was a lot faster pace than some of them were used to in Slayton,” said Beerman, who was referring to the businesses’ other already-established location in Slayton. “All but one had already been training over in Slayton, and they kind of already knew what they needed to do, it’s just a little different layout. It was pretty smooth.”

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