Flourishing in her field

ALICIA SWENHAUGEN has made the transition from her duties at Sanford Tracy to running the show at O’Brien Court.

Alicia Swenhaugen happy to take over operations at O’Brien Court

By Per Peterson

There are few people more suited to take over operations at O’Brien Court than Alicia Swenhaugen, and the transition into her new role has gone as smoothly as could be expected.

On Oct. 11 Swenhaugen took over as lead office coordinator for her mother-in-law, Cindy, after spending more than 15 years working at Sanford Tracy.

“It’s been an easy transition coming over here, because of the staff I’ve worked with before and those who work primarily here,” Swenhaugen said. “They’ve made it super easy — we are already family.”

Swenhaugen started her run with Sanford as a home health aide in 2005. Between then and now, she would fill in for Cindy from time to time at O’Brien Court.

“She’s been training me in for 16 years,” Alicia said. “She always would joke, ‘When I retire, you can just walk right in, you can just step right in.’”

At O’Brien Court, Swenhaugen fills a number of roles — from helping with meals, assisting tenants with any and all issues, and handling all billing.

Swenhaugen’s move from unit coordinator/marketing at Sanford to O’Brien Court has been relatively seamless, not only because of her experience here, but also because of her upbringing.

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