There because they care

Joleen Baumann (left) and Dasha Mumm are eager to grow their new business, Kindred Spirits Care Management so they can help as many people as possible with their aftercare. Photo / Per Peterson

A pair of nurses have started a business in which they play the part of liaisons between healthcare providers and families

By Per Peterson

Joleen Baumann and Dasha Mumm are two women with big hearts and a big plan.

The two Sanford Registered Nurses have started a business called Kindred Spirits Care Management in the hopes of bridging the transition for patients after they leave the hospital and renew their independent life back home.

“This kind of started back in August — we were just brainstorming and kind of just rolled with it,” said Baumann, who also started Operation You’re Not Forgotten during the pandemic to help residents who couldn’t be out and about. “It was just, ‘Let’s just do it.’ This is a much-needed service.”

Being in the healthcare field, Baumann said, really opened their eyes to a specific need that patients of all ages have.

“People, specifically seniors, fall through the gaps,” she said. “It’s just hard for them to navigate, because a lot of times they’re doing it by themselves, to no fault of their own. Maybe family is not around, or maybe they don’t have family.”

Kindred Spirits is not home health care, Baumann said. It’s more of an opportunity for the two to carry their nursing training outside of the hospital and into people’s homes. Mumm added that the two want to be a resource for their clients more than anything — caring people who can keep track of their needs and educate them outside of the hospital setting.

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