Soon-to-be TAHS graduate brings issue to school board

Kaylee Campbell stood in front of the District No. 2904 School Board on April 18 concerning a school district policy that is preventing her from earning a class rank. Photo / Per Peterson

By Per Peterson

Kaylee Campbell has a 4.231 GPA. She is on the National Honor Society, is a decorated Tracy Area High School Business Professionals of America and speech member and is the current Miss Tracy.

Now all she needs is a class rank.

Even though Campbell’s resumé is dripping with success, the senior is missing out because she doesn’t attend school within the walls of the school itself.

Campbell presented her plight to the District No. 2904 School Board at its most recent meeting, asking the board to clarify the district’s stance on Tracy Area Public School’s Board Policy 620. Campbell said she just recently discovered that she would not be receiving a class rank even though the policy states that “credits and grades awarded from another Minnesota public secondary school may be used to compute honor roll and/or class rank if a student has earned at least seven credits from the school district.”

The way Campbell sees it, not having a class rank has potential implications on her future.

“College is my biggest dream, and the financial implications of not receiving a rank are massive,” said Campbell, who attended Minnesota Connections Academy from the seventh grade through her sophomore year. “I submitted at least 15 local scholarship applications that required a class rank and was not able to list a rank on any of them. Instead, I had

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