Council trying to stay ahead of the game on ambulance contract

Vetting $27,336K request from Tracy Ambulance Service for 2023 contract

The Tracy City Council last week began a proactive campaign in an effort to avoid last winter’s contentious contract dispute with the Tracy Ambulance Service.

Tracy Ambulance has made a request of $27,336.42 from the City to cover services for 2023. Late last year, as the five-year contract was nearing an end, it had requested a new contract for $30,000 per year for operational support, a number it based on population and average calls in its Primary Service Area (it serves nine townships, plus the City of Tracy).

The council in 2021 offered $17,500, which was deemed an “unworkable solution” by the ambulance service. Ultimately, the council OK’d a one-year deal for $25,000, which was accepted by the ambulance service.

While the council didn’t put its stamp of approval on the $27,336.72 request at last week’s budget study session, it did take it under consideration and will study the issue as the budgetary process moves along. The final budget for 2023 will be set in December.

The ambulance service’s operating income increased 10% over 2020, and its operating expenses went down about 11%, compared to 2021, according to figures supplied to the council and received by the City from the service. Insurance paid by the service went up from $20,898 in 2020 to $25,984 in 2021.

The service’s request includes an $85 township per-section rate, compared to $75 for 2022. The amount requested from townships jumped from $14,700 to $16,600.

“I just hope we don’t get into a big thing with (the ambulance service) again,” council member George Landuyt said. “But we need to contribute.”

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