Happy 150th, Currie!

Neil and Archibald would be proud.

Currie — the first established settlement in Murray County 150 years ago — welcomed past and current residents and everyone from around the area to its park and streets this past weekend for a massive, four-day sesquicentennial celebration as part of its annual 4th of July extravaganza.

And there were some very special guests at this year’s extravaganza, namely, a group of Currie descendants.

“I just wanted to come down and see the town that my great-grandpa founded and my grandma lived in,” said Lorie Afremov, who traveled from Minneapolis to Currie with her husband, Michael, a native of Russia. “It’s just great to see the small-town spirit, because they don’t have that in Minneapolis anymore.”

Sitting under the shade at a picnic table during Monday’s Currie Town & Country Booster Club Picnic and Membership Drive, Afremov, her second cousin, Mary Currie, and relative David Conrad shared their thoughts on spending time in an area that before Neil and Archibald came on the scene was nothing more than unsettled land.

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