Steps back in time

CURRIE HISTORIAN ROMANE DOLD educated a group of about 150 people during his Currie walking history tour on Saturday. Photos / Per Peterson

Downtown Currie has survived numerous fires — the most recent just less than two years ago — and has been witness to the opening and closing and shifting of dozens of businesses. This past Saturday, Currie historian Romane Dold took some 150 people back in time on a walking history tour to pay homage to the small town’s proud past as part of its 150th anniversary celebration.

Dold, who has penned two books on Currie’s history, traced Currie’s history back to the day when Scots Neil and Archibald Currie settled what was known in 1871 as the Village of Shetek.

The walk down the path of history was attended by people of all ages, including some grade-schoolers.

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