Amber crowned Miss Tracy 2023

AMBER HENSCH (middle) was crowed Miss Tacy 2023 at the Miss Tracy Scholarship Program on Sunday. First runner-up is Ella Kamrud (left), and second runner-up is Jennika Knapper. Photo / Per Peterson

After a rigorous summer volleyball practice, it would only make sense that the athletes would want to head home, hit the showers and chill for the night.

Not Amber Hensch. For this Tracy Area High School senior, all she wanted to do was head to Miss Tracy practice. And her hard practice paid off in a big way Sunday as she was crowned Miss Tracy 2023.

“I loved coming to practice, every Monday, then starting in August when we started doubling up practice,” the newly-crowned Miss Tracy said after Sunday’s Miss Tracy Scholarship Program. “It was something I definitely looked forward to after volleyball. After a long day, I could not wait to go to Miss Tracy; it was such a stress-reliever for me.”

Ella Kamrud is the first runner-up, and Jennika Knapper is the second runner-up.

For her talent, Hensch channeled her inner-Vanilla Ice, rapping about pollution to his classic Ice, Ice, Baby.

“It was interesting,” she said. “I love the song, because me and my dad use to sing it when I was little. I was like, ‘I’m going to make a parody about pollution — I feel strongly about that. On my mission trip to Nashville, me and Delaynie Meyer — I had most of the ideas, but she would work with me. It was awesome.”

Hensch said she got chills when she heard her name called as the 2023 Miss Tracy.

“I did not expect that,” she said, her hands still shaking 15 minutes after the program concluded.

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