Elementary school test scores rebound to near pre-pandemic levels

The latest data show that Tracy Area Elementary School has returned close to pre-pandemic testing levels, while state averages have failed to significantly rebound.

TAES Principal Michael Munson on Monday presented the latest test results to the District No. 2904 School Board. In math, TAES students in grades 3-6 scored at a 60.4% rate (the percentage of students who scored at or above the 50 percentile), compared to the state average of 45.5%. TAES students were at 58.3% in reading, while the state average for 2021 was at 51.7%

“I’m pleased with our test scores,” Munson said. “The state trend obviously took a hit with COVID — the test scores went down — but most shocking is the fact that state averages did not rebound much from last year to this year. Neither reading nor math went up much statewide, but we did. We are back to fairly close to where we were before the pandemic.”

TAES had set a goal for 2022 to get back above 60% for math in grades 3-6 after falling to 56.1% in 2021, which it did, and the reading score went up to 58.3%, which was up a percentage point from the previous year and almost 7% higher than the state average.

“The goal was to get back above (60%) and not even be talking about 60% again,” Munson said. “We’re on our way in doing that, and I’m very proud of our staff on how they’re working to get there,” Munson said.

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