Bonnie & Clyde, meet Sarah and Reuben

REUBEN AND SARAH SUNDHEIM are more than ready to start their new restaurant in the current Bonnie & Clyde’s location in downtown Tracy. Photo / Per Peterson

There’s not a building in downtown Tracy that Sarah Sundheim holds closer to her heart than one of the city’s most iconic, versatile and historic structures.

Tracy residents today know it as Bonnie & Clydes, but soon, ownership of the restaurant will transfer to Sarah and her husband, Reuben, who plan to open a new, family-oriented restaurant called Thee Old Bank before Thanksgiving.

“I had a bank account here,” Sarah said, referring to when the building was 21st Century Bank. I remember when it was a bank. I was in here when it was a restaurant before that. And this is where Reuben and I met! He came into the bar when I was working, so to us, this building is special.”

That was six years ago this past April, and today, the young couple finds themselves just weeks from taking over ownership of the business and, in turn, keeping open a downtown business. They plan on doing just that on Nov. 1 and will then get to work on making the restaurant their own with a number of interior changes.

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