Mr. flag football

GREG CARLSON tends to flag football player Liam Martinez during last Thursday’s games. Photo / Per Peterson

Just how long has Greg Carlson been coaching flag football in Tracy?

Consider this: He remembers when a very young Jordan Munson started playing. Munson, by the way, is now a senior at Tracy Area High School.

“I can remember thinking that this person was a boy — with than name, it could go either way,” Carlson said. “That would’ve put her in fourth grade. That would be nine years.”

Carlson recalls that Tracy Community Education was looking for someone to run the program, and said had he not agreed to lead the program, it would’ve been canceled.

“I checked with work to make sure it was going to be OK, and said, ‘OK, I guess I’ll do it,’” he said. “And I’ve been doing it since. I’ve had my oldest son through it, and my second one, next year would be his last year. Then right after that, the youngest one will start. I might call it quits after that, we’ll see.”

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