Masonic site it is: City council supports CCWG

THE NEW COMMUNITY CENTER will be built on the Masonic site and will likely be attached to the City Hall/VMC building. Photo / Per Peterson

The Tracy City Council on Monday unanimously passed a resolution of support for the proposed $850,000 community center to be built on the Masonic lot at the intersection of 3rd and Morgan streets.

The show of support for that site comes a week after the Community Center Workforce Group came to the consensus of building a new center there and attaching it to the VMC, which capped a lengthy process of determining where best to build.

The CCWG will meet again on Nov. 7 in a focus group-style meeting with various members of the community.

“I support the group, I support their efforts, I appreciate everything they’ve done; I have some reservations,” council member Tom Dobson said. “Some of the reservations of using this space was that the parking at events that take place (at the VMC) would detract from their ability to use it as a community center.”

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