At Swift Lake Park: It didn’t hit the fan, it hit the wall

The bathrooms are a nice amenity at Swift Lake Park, but they’re not being treated as such by some campers. Photo / Per Peterson

Frustration mounted this summer over the restrooms at Swift Lake Park, and it has nothing to do with the plumbing.

“I’ve had several people call me to say that the bathrooms out at Swift Lake Park are beyond terrible,” council member George Landuyt said at the most recent Tracy City Council meeting. “And they have been all summer. I’ve gotten about seven phone calls on it.”

The cause of the ire — among community members and City officials — is vandalism inside the restrooms. But it’s not spray-painted graffiti that people are talking about.

“We have had a whole bunch of issues with people at Swift Lake Park with … I don’t know how to describe this in a polite way, but when people put their excrement all over the walls in the bathrooms … we have to do some special work to clean it up,” Tracy City Administrator Erik Hansen said.

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