City tweaks snow removal policy

Snow is an all-to-real face of life in Tracy, and with another winter season on the horizon, the Tracy City Council on Monday approved a resolution to amend the City’s snowplowing policy.

The policy covers two new items for the 2022-2023 snow season: snow removal from downtown sidewalks and Orchard Lane townhomes. The changes primarily are additions of sections 15 and 16 of the policy. The intent of this action is to give direction to staff on the level of service required for snow removal for downtown sidewalks and Orchard Lane. According to the policy, it is the responsibility of the resident and/or property owner to remove all accumulated snow from all sidewalks along public streets adjoining their property. This includes any snow plowed from public streets onto the sidewalk. The exception now is downtown and Orchard Lane sidewalks.

“The reason why we do these policies is that we want to set a standard of service that we provide,” Tracy City Administrator Erik Hansen said. “The level of service does not mean that streets and sidewalks are going to be completely problem-free.”

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