EDA: Facing the issues

TRACY EDA board member Dave Tiegs shares a thought during last week’s meeting that was focused on the future of Tracy and hurdles the city needs to overcome. Photo / Per Peterson

As 2022 winds down, EDA looks to the future and the problems facing Tracy

Tracy Economic Development Authority members not only didn’t dodge problems and issues in Tracy at last week’s meeting, they faced them head on in hopes that solutions will follow.

In a session facilitated by Tracy City Administrator Erik Hansen, the EDA last Wednesday kicked off a series of discussions about economic development roadblocks — things that are preventing Tracy from moving forward.

From facing less-than-ideal workforce demographics to the ongoing housing crunch in town, to workforce retention, board members shared their thoughts and opinions on what they think is plaguing Tracy and holding the city back from major progression.

“How do we honor where we’ve been but continue to evolve?” Hansen said. “Communities like ours are struggling all over the place.”

Among the main obstacles shared was the housing situation, a topic each of the EDA members recorded as one of the uphill battles Tracy is facing.

“We need more houses for people to purchase and live in,” said EDA member Tom Dobson, who also sits on the Tracy City Council. “From the comprehensive plan, there were two very, very big things that stood out and one of them was, people want to own a house.