From fin to table

JOHN DOUBLER of Walnut Grove was one of many who made the trip to Currie to help out with this past weekend’s bullhead feed. Photo / Per Peterson

There was a time when volunteers who signed up for bullhead preparation for Currie’s wildly-popular annual Currie American Legion Bullhead Feed would be stuck in a small, unheated shed — not the ideal place to be in late January.

Today, the prep work is done inside Ed Sweetman’s shop. It’s quite large, and even the floors are heated.

But while it might seem like today’s large group of volunteers are a bit spoiled, the work they do does not go unappreciated.

Last Tuesday evening, a collection of 15-20 good-hearted anglers and fish lovers gathered in Sweetman’s garage to do the dirty work necessary to put on the big fundraising event, which took place at the Currie American Legion this past Saturday.

“We used to clean ‘em in the old locker plant in town,” said Sweetman, who opened his spacious shop to the fish prep work about four years ago. “It was just a little tiny room, about 12 foot by 12 foot, and they cleaned ‘em there. There was no heat … we have heated floors here!” We get a good crew in here to help every year.”

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