The Munson Effect

Growing up, Jordan and Alex Munson always wanted to best the other in whatever sport they were enjoying. Now high-schoolers, they have developed an appreciation for each other’s game while playing at a high level. Photo / Per Peterson

Brothers and sisters don’t always get along. Some siblings turn out to have nothing in common.

But for Jordan and Alex Munson, there is one undeniable link that will never be broken: basketball.

“They grew up with a Little Tykes hoop that they played all the time in the entry way of our house in Iowa,” their father, Michael said. “They would bounce those rubber balls you get from Wal-Mart, and I really think they got their hand-eye coordination from that. I’d sit on my knees and they would play against me.”

While they experimented with any number of sports as youngsters, hoops has been a constant for the teenagers.

“I would dunk on him all the time when we were kids,” said the older Jordan, with a quick disagreement from her little brother.

“My dad would be on his knees and we would play two-on-one,” Alex said. “We would always beat him.”

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