Warming up with a purpose

No one deserved to win two raffles Saturday more than Jolene Labat, who was also recognized for her 20 years of service at SMS. She is shown at left with SMS alumnus John Lanoue. Photo / Per Peterson

The giving spirit was alive and well in spades at The Caboose on Saturday, when St. Mary’s Catholic School hosted its Winter Warm Up event — a fundraiser geared toward supporting the school and its students.

Hundreds turned out to show their support and open their checkbooks, all in the name of fostering the future of SMS youth.

“Everybody there was excited, and it seems like everybody was having a blast,” said Winter Warm Up committee member Cassidy Arnold. “Everybody seemed to be more than involved in every process that we had going on. As everybody was getting ready to leave, they were saying that they were ready to come back next year — they had so much fun.”

Arnold and fellow committee member Molly Peterson said everything came together perfectly, and the night came together better than the committee’s wildest dreams.

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