Snow. Plow. Repeat.

City and state plows were out in full force last Wednesday and Thursday clearing Tracy’s thoroughfares. Crews had to pull double-duty, as last week’s storm came in two parts on back-to-back days. Photos / Per Peterson

Last Tuesday started out about as perfectly as one can expect for mid-February day in Minnesota.

A new sunrise cast a perfect blend of yellows, oranges, blues and purples.

There was no wind, no snow falling from above. It was peaceful and idyllic — the perfect start to a cold day.

Five hours later, that all changed.

That’s when light snow started falling in the area, and soon after, that light snow intensified as the major snowstorm everyone had been talking about for more than a week kicked in.

Left behind was 17.5” of new snow in Tracy — 6” Tuesday and 11.5” Wednesday into Thursday.

While the ballyhooed “Halloween Blizzard” of 1991 continues to serve as a reference point when major storms roll into Minnesota, Tracy itself received just 11 inches of snow over three days that week. That pales in comparison — at least locally — to last week.

Tracy has now received about 30” of snow since Jan. 1.

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