Duo has designs on highway building

Scott Torkelson and Cody Bruns, co-owners of BT Quality Construction presented in front of the Tracy EDA last week about their plans to take over the old Culligan building on Hwy. 14. Photo / Per Peterson

Filling empty buildings in Tracy has been a source of consternation in the minds of city officials for years. For whatever reason, flipping buildings in town has proven to be more difficult than climbing a mountain with roller blades on.

However, there is one newly-vacated building in town that won’t stay empty for long.

Scott Torkelson and Cody Bruns, owner of BT Quality Construction, appeared before the Tracy EDA last Wednesday with their plans for the former Culligan building on Hwy. 14. The pair went to the EDA to request an $8,000 loan for a down payment on their new purchase to go along with $4,000 of their own money. They are using one of their trailers as collateral. The interest rate on the loan is 2.5%, which is one-half of prime.

After a motion to approve the loan by Dennis Fultz and a second from Dave Tiegs, the EDA unanimously approved the loan, opening the door for Torkelson and Bruns to expand their business on the highway.

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