A summer Sunday … in February?

Mary Holm, host of PBS’ Prairie Yard & Garden show, (left) and Jolynn Johns, one of the organizers of the Tracy Area Gardens & Quilts Tour, took part in a question-and-answer session after a screening of last year’s tour. Photo / Per Peterson

Those attending Sunday’s Pioneer PBS Prairie Yard & Garden’s sneak peak of the 2022 Tracy Area Gardens & Quilts Tour show do their best work in the spring and summer, but they didn’t let a little wind and blowing snow stop them from warm thoughts of hostas and petunias.

About 80 horticulturally-hearty gardeners — many who moonlight as quilters — braved Sunday’s wintry weather for a special screening of the PBS presentation on last summer’s 7th Annual show. And what show would be complete without pie and ice cream, courtesy of the St. Mary’s Catholic Church Pie Ladies?