Brayden on the spot

PROUD FATHER JOEL MARRON might still be stuck in a back brace, but he knows things could’ve been a lot worse if not for the herocis of his son, Brayden. Photo / Per Peterson

Eleven-year-olds should never have to be this scared.

It was a cold February day outside of Balaton and Joel Marron was going about his day, cutting down dead branches and tree limbs with his son, Brayden, along to help. The routine turned into tragedy when a tree fell on Joel.

Severly injured and unable to reach his cell phone right away, things didn’t look good for dad.

“There were some limbs that were holding this tree up, and I was trimming on it, and all of a sudden one of the limbs split and the tree came over,” Joel said. “I got out of the way of most of it; the whole thing rolled and I tried getting out of the way and got rolled over in the snow. I was on my hands and knees and it came down across my back and my knees buckled.”

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