Move over Nellie, Dorothy is back

Mary Holman is the proud new owner of Dorothy’s Cafe in Walnut Grove. She is pictured here with two employees — son Aidan and niece Rachel — and Grandma Dorothy, proudly watching over her from behind the same counter she once stood behind when she owned and operated the restaurant. Photo / Per Peterson

Mary Holman is taking coming home to a whole other level — she’s returning to the very kitchen where her grandmother, Dorothy, taught her how to make her famous caramel rolls decades ago.

And not only that, she’s bringing those famous caramel rolls back to her former hometown as the new owner of what was long known as Nellie’s Cafe on Hwy. 14 in Walnut Grove.

“I grew up cooking in here with my grandma,” Holman said, standing between the counter of the restaurant and the back wall where a black-and-white photo of a smiling Dorothy taken at the restaurant hangs. “She taught me to cook. She bought this in 1974, the year I was bo

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