A win-win for City of Tracy, Heritage Center

Pumping and hauling water might have been the standard in the early 1900s, but those practices don’t hold water in 2023.

That’s why the Wheels Across the Prairie Heritage Center is making efforts to move into the 21st century when it comes to accessing water there. And on Tuesday, the City of Tracy and museum supporters got two pieces of good news in its ongoing efforts to upgrade the museum.

The Lyon County Board on Tuesday approved the allocation of $20,000 in ARPA funding to bring a water system to the museum.

“The museum is an integral part of what we offer as a city,” Community Development Director Jeff Carpenter said in his presentation to the board. “It explains our past, it explains where we want to go. We have so many good board members out there and support them, but one of the things we don’t have out there is sewer and water hook-ups.”

That will all change in the coming years, as commissioners not only approved the ARPA funds for water, but OK’d earmarking $15,000 from the County’s contingency fund for a sewer/septic line.

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