Dwayne’s on dispaly

DWANE EFNER holds up one of his many paintings he creates in his room at Prairie View. Effner’s work is currently on display at the Tracy Public Library. Photo / Per Peterson

Dwayne Efner is no Bob Ross. Then again, Bob Ross is no Dwayne Efner, and he doesn’t have his paintings on display at the Tracy Public Library.

Efner, a 62-year-old resident at Prairie View for about a year, has reclaimed his love of art, and a sampling of his works can be found hanging on the walls of the library basement.

“It’s kind of nice, I guess,” Efner said of having his art displayed. “I never really thought of myself as being that good — I suppose that’s the way artists are, never really satisfied with your work. I like working with my hands. I used to watch Bob Ross on TV back when I was in high school. But it gets kind of frustrating — I watch him on TV and think, ‘Oh, I can do that.’ Then I sit down in front of a canvas and it’s like, ‘Oh, I can’t do that.”

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