White X-mas? Keep dreaming

This was about the only snow around last week in Tracy, remnants of the last time it actually snowed here — Dec. 9. Photo / Per Peterson

For those of you longing for a the traditional white Christmas … well, there’s always next year.

From the looks of things, Christmas this year will be anything but white, as our unseasonably mild and very dry December enters into its latter stages, and Christmas and the new year approach. Snow lovers can blame what is being called a “strong” El Niño,

“It has been very strange,” said Jeff Chapman, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service out of Sioux Falls, SD. “An El Niño is caused by an area of warm water in the central to eastern Pacific around the equator. The impact of that warm water is a kind of rearranging of the jet stream around the northern hemisphere.”

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