Despite COVID, Christmas comes to Prairie View

Prairie View staffer Shari Thomas helps a resident look through his bag of gifts during last Thursday’s Christmas party. Photos / Per Peterson

“I must find some way to keep Christmas from coming!” — The Grinch

That iconic line, of course, is courtesy of The Grinch, who infamously plotted to prevent the tiny town of Whoville from celebrating Christmas in the holiday classic “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

Like The Grinch, COVID tried to stop Christmas from coming this month at Tracy’s Prairie View Senior Living, as six cases were discovered in early December. Thankfully — like The Grinch — COVID failed to stop Christmas from coming last week when residents opened gifts given to them by staff and the Tracy Lions Club. And while surgical masks in their unceremonious return hid smiling faces, the spirit of Christmas was alive and well last Thursday.

“COVID didn’t stop Christmas this year,” said Prairie View Executive Director Brian Hinrichs. “I heard the community talking about Prairie View being full of COVID … no we never were. We got up to six. We don’t want any, but we didn’t hit a full-blown outbreak like we did in 2020.”

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