Giving everyone a boost

A large number of grateful recipients gathered at the Currie American Legion after this year’s Santa Days to receive their financial gift from the Currie Town & Country Boosters. Pictured are, front, from left: Currie Town & County Boosters member Jodi Beckmann, Paula VanDyke, Currie Town & County Boosters member Amy Loosbrock, Krista Bassett, Kathy Nelson, Liz Struve. Middle, from left: Todd Hieronimus, Shawn Berglund, Kay Platt, Mike Schreier, Michael Berreau, Andy Beek, Back, from left: Mitchell Meyer, Marv Nystevold, Cory Punt, Abe Nooman, Garrett Hubin, Brian York, Andy Beek, Currie Town & County Boosters President Ed Sweetman. Photo / Per Peterson

If for whatever reason you have a negative perception of gambling, you might think differently if you knew anything about the Currie Town & Country Boosters.

Since 1974, the civic group has been working to promote and support the town of Currie through myriad projects and events. Then, in 1987, the Boosters took a major step — one that has allowed them to grow into one of the most philanthropic organizations in the area. That was when the group dipped its collective toes into the world of charitable gambling, and that move has resulted in more than $80,0000 being donated to everything from medical foundations and fire departments, to churches, and schools and their students.

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