Tracy Area High School deals with gas, heat issues unrelated to construction

Crews were on site last week and this Monday at the high school after a natural gas leak was discovered under the school’s north parking lot. Photo / Per Peterson

It could’ve been a lot worse.

That’s the sentiment of Tracy Area High School Supt. Chad Anderson as he recalled issues that came up last week at the high school, issues that affected heating the high school and providing hot water at the end of the week.

“We were blessed with good weather,” Anderson said, “and we were also blessed that there wasn’t snow and ice in the parking lot, the frost wasn’t very deep. If all of those things would’ve been going on, everything would’ve been more challenging.”

Had it not been for unseasonably warm weather, Anderson said, school likely would’ve been cancelled Friday.

“The timing was good,” he said. “It could’ve been much worse. You’ve gotta look at the cup as half full.”