Front St. housing hits snag, but it’s a minor one

The Tracy City Council on Monday discussed the future of the two Front St. lots, which will eventually be home to two new homes thanks to a program run through United Community Action Partnership.

However, before any ground is broken, the council had to cut through some unanticipated red tape.

The far southeast parcel (31-182011-0), which totals 16 acres on 410 4th St. South, has not been surveyed. The process of building there begins with UCAP taking over possession of the lots, but the fact that they were set up to be conveyed by the City for non-nominal consideration would potentially subject the City to potential litigation, according to City Attorney Matthew Gross.

“The way to fix that … is for the City to convey it to the EDA — the EDA is not constricted by development powers, whereas the City is,” Gross said. “It’s a slight change, but it ultimately gets to the same goal. And it frees (the City) up from potential liability. The EDA has brand powers to develop and convey projects to people for less than what fair market value is.”