New doc feels right at home in Tracy

From the tobacco fields of Kentucky, to the corn fields of Nebraska, to a south-side Chicago prison, Dr. Justin Young has run the gamut of experiences on his winding path to Tracy. And in his position as a family practitioner at Sanford Tracy, he feels right at home.

“Everybody says, ‘Oh, you’re coming from Chicago to a rural area,’ but I remined people that I grew up playing outside in a country climate — in the barns, riding on the tractors. The rural environment is not foreign to me at all.”

By coming to Tracy, Young is essentially tapping into his country childhood roots, instilled in him by his grandfather, Harry. He was born in Kentucky and raised by a single mother in Evansville, IN, after his relationship with his father dissolved when he was about 10. His  appreciation of being able to practice “rural medicine,” he said, could almost be seen as an homage to his grandfather, who helped raise him.

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