Estimate for community center: $1.7m

BOLLIG, INC. ARCHITECT ANGELA HOLM shows attendees at last week’s communty center meeting the initial blueprint of a new center. Photo / Per Peterson

The City of Tracy is on the cusp of officially hiring Bollig, Inc. as its engineer for a new community center.

One of the benefits of doing so is that Bollig’s funding team will work for the City and Community Center Workforce Group to raise funds for a new facility.

And they’re going to need it.

While the CCWG has done yeoman’s work when it comes to fundraising over the last three years — raising almost $800,000 in donations and pledges — last Thursday’s meeting with Bollig revealed that a lot more money is going to be needed to build a much-desired community center.

Bollig architect Angela Holm last week provided cost estimates for both a 4,200-square foot and a 3,600-square foot center to be built at the site of the old liquor store, parallel to South St.

The estimated budget of a 4,200-square foot facility is $2,120,000, while the estimate of a more reasonable 3,600-square foot building came out at $1,773,000.

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